Solutions should be produced to protect and improve the environment

Cyprus International University (CIU) Faculty of Fine Arts, Design, and Architecture (FFADA) Academic Staff, Assist. Prof. Dr. Ehsan Reza, noted that the purpose of 5th June World Environment Day, is to raise social awareness in relation to the negative factors that affect the environment, and to draw attention to the production of solutions in protecting and improving the living environment on a global scale.

 Solutions should be produced to protect and improve the environment

Stating that the continuous developments in the Artificial Environment cause environmental problems, Assist. Prof. Dr. Reza explained that these are climate change, global warming, greenhouse effect, soil-water-air pollution, fossil fuel consumption, forest loss, and the extinction of living things.

Expressing that there is a need for urgent solutions that respect the environment, protect natural resources, and prevent pollution caused by human actions, especially industrial ones, Assist. Prof. Dr. Reza went on to say, "Otherwise, these negative factors will continue to grow uncontrollably, and thus the environment will face the danger of complete extinction".

Explaining that a clean and healthy environment is the basic need of human life, Assist. Prof. Dr. Reza added that all individuals have the responsibility to create, protect, and maintain a sustainable environment, in which future generations can live in.

Pointing out that care should be taken in producing individual solutions and that attention should be paid in the implementation of social and managerial decisions and solutions, Reza continued, “The celebration of 5th June, World Environment Day every year, draws attention to the environmental issues today, and significantly increases social awareness, while contributing to the development of national and international environmental policies”.

Also discussing what needs to be done in order to provide a sustainable environment, Reza concluded, “In the reduction of soil-water-air pollution and preventing climate change; the establishing of healthy conditions for the supply of clean and wastewater; protection of public health and well-being; ensuring education and equality within the society, and in the prevention of poverty and hunger, it is necessary for everyone to be active in being a stakeholder and taking responsibility”.


News Date: June 4, 2021