Keeping the pond water levels at an optimum is of vital importance

Cyprus International University (CIU) Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Technologies Academic Staff Assist. Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Ok, stating that the noticeable change in the increasing temperature averages and the reducing rain throughout the past years has come to the level of threatening the ecosystem, went on to say, “A study carried out by the Department of Water Works displays the seriousness of the situation. According to the study, it has been established that the ponds to the north of the island are around 32% full”.

Keeping the pond water levels at an optimum is of vital importance

Explaining that according to the yearly published United Nations Climate Change and UNESCO reports, with the introduction of the industrial revolution, environmental values were rapidly consumed, Ok continued, "It has been observed that the countries that have been mostly affected by these environmental problems, global warming particularly, are those located within the Mediterranean climate zone".

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ok elaborated, “It is for this reason that due to its geographic location, the TRNC is among the countries that are experiencing the effects of global warming most severely”.

Ok reminded that the ponds are of critical importance for agricultural irrigation, domestic consumption, and drinking water, and went on to inform, "The decrease in water levels within the ponds leads to a number of problems, such as deterioration of groundwater quality to begin with, barrenness, erosion, and other related problems."

Explaining that it is of vital importance that the water management in all areas ensure that they keep the pond water levels to an optimum, Ok reminded that water losses increase in ponds, dams, and canals, due to global warming induced evaporation.

Advising that in an effort to prevent the water loss caused by evaporation, the most commonly used method across the world are shadow balls, Assist Prof. Dr. Ok underlined that these shadow balls reduce the loss of water caused by evaporation by more than 65%.

Noting that another factor threatening the ponds is erosion, Assist. Prof. Dr. Ok went on to state, “Sedimentation caused by erosion builds up in the ponds. Sedimentation is a serious problem that reduces the capacity of the ponds”.

Ok stated that of the problems that require a solution, sedimentation is of priority, and concluded, “Afforestation and establishing cover crops should be implemented within the basin that feeds the ponds. It is additionally important that during the months of winter, the necessary infrastructures are established in order to feed the ponds from the Geçitkale Dam”.

News Date: November 22, 2021