Exhibition of Portraits Made from Hair organized at CIU

“The Portraits Made from Hair Exhibition” has been organized, where the works of Cyprus International University (CIU) Hair Care and Beauty Services program students have been exhibited.

Exhibition of Portraits Made from Hair organized at CIU

At the event organized at the CIU Nature Cafe Pine Grove, the student workshops held as part of the "Fake Hair and Beard Making and their Applications" course were exhibited.

Speaking in relation to the event, Hair Care and Beauty Services Program Manager Dr. Vali Gjinali stated, “We weave real or artificial hair on the tress loom during the course in question. Then, by creating clip-in hair extensions, we achieve the styles seen in hair shows, by wrapping different materials with the woven hair”.

With the use of artificial and real hair, and the help of tulle - hoop and crochet tools and equipment, Gjinali advised that they worked upon wigs – hairpieces and beards – mustaches, and went on to say, “Via the techniques we learnt in class, we made three dimensional portraits and transformed them into an exhibition. A total of 30 works were exhibited”.

Reminding that along with the students of the Hair Care and Beauty Services program students, they have held a number of exhibitions, in particular Stage and Lens make-up, Gjinali continued, "However, today's exhibition is very different from the others in terms of its concept, value, and duration”.

Advising that when it comes to a classic photo exhibition, it takes a few hours of work to take a photo and arrange it, in order to make the photo suitable for exhibition, Gjinali added that the hair portraits production time varies between 2 and 5 months, therefore time, cost, and very fine workmanship are required.

Dr. Gjinali said that the exhibition of portraits made of hair is an original exhibition in terms of structure, and went on to say, “There has never before been any portrait pieces of work made of hair. This idea is entirely our own".

Stating that they observed a large amount of interest in the exhibition, Gjinali said that both the academicians and the students from the university, and those who visited the exhibition from outside all stated that they had never seen a piece of work of a portrait made out of hair before.

News Date: October 19, 2021