CIU Academician Assist. Prof. Dr. Neyre Tekbıyık Ersoy, gave information in relation to the ways of reducing personal energy consumption

What can be done to save energy?

Cyprus International University (CIU) Faculty of Engineering, Energy Systems Engineering Academic Staff, Assist. Prof. Dr. Neyre Tekbıyık Ersoy stated that due to the energy-intensive lifestyle that we lead today, social energy consumption is increasing constantly, however, in order for consumers to continue to have access to energy, the balance between production and consumption must be maintained.

CIU Academician Assist. Prof. Dr. Neyre Tekbıyık Ersoy, gave information in relation to the ways of reducing personal energy consumption

Speaking within the scope of Energy Saving Week, Ersoy explained that the production of energy has increased due to the increase of consumption, and that for this reason it has increased the costs of both production and consumption.

Pointing to the importance of reducing individual energy consumption as much as possible for this reason, Assist. Prof. Dr. Ersoy went on to say, “For this reason one of the most effective ways is via the saving of energy. Energy saving is not just in terms of the consumption of electricity but should also be applied in the areas of heating and cooling, and travel”.

Stating that when domestic consumption is analyzed, white goods such as air conditioners, fridges and lighting contribute greatly to consumption, Ersoy went on to say, “Due to fridges in particular working constantly, it is important that we prefer to buy the ones that are energy saving class A+ or over”

Reminding that when the doors to fridges and ovens are opened, their internal temperature changes and for this reason more energy is consumed, Ersoy advised that we shouldn’t leave their doors open for long periods of time, and also advised that when using the washing machine or the dishwasher, we should apply the lowest temperature possible.

Ersoy pointed out that if you use a laundry drying machine, that it is necessary to clean the filters frequently, because filters that are filled with fiber lead to more energy use.

Explaining that when purchasing an air conditioner, it is important to be mindful of the size of the area to be heated/cooled, Ersoy elaborated, “An air conditioner that doesn’t have the sufficient capacity for the area will work more than necessary in order to bring the area to a comfortable temperature”.

Stating that in order to reduce the energy consumption used for heating, window and door insulations should be good, Ersoy suggested that we should prefer double-glazed windows as opposed to single-glazed windows.

Expressing that in order to save energy when travelling, we should try to avoid using a vehicle during the periods when traffic is at its heaviest, as it is during situations like these when we increase our use of petrol, Ersoy concluded, “Additionally, increasing and varying the public transportation opportunities will also provide high energy savings across the country”.

News Date: January 10, 2022