Awarding winners of Atilla Yücel Sketch Competition

The “Atilla Yücel Sketch Competition” award ceremony on “Historical and Modern Living Spaces” was held in collaboration with the Student Personal Development Activity Committee and department students from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture (FADA) of Cyprus International University (CIU). 

During his speech at the ceremony held at the entrance hall of the CIU Science and Technology Building, Rector Prof. Dr. Halil Nadiri drew attention to the importance of the continuity and sustainability of the institutions and added: “We had the opportunity to remember the contributions of our master teacher Atilla Yücel both to our university and architectural science with this significant event.”

Prof. Dr. Nadiri also thanked the Student Personal Development Committee of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture on the organization of the event.

The Dean of FADA, Prof. Dr. Nezih Ayıran, expressed that the competition was organized to commemorate our master teacher Atilla Yücel and indicated that "this competition was dedicated to our master teacher Atilla Yücel, who passed away in 2018, Turkey's leading theorists and practitioner and has an international professional recognition".

Prof. Dr. Ayıran explained that as a result of the jury evaluation of the competition in which 126 students participated, the first, second and third winners along with 5 other works were entitled to receive honorable mentions.

Chigoziem Odumagun won the first place, Yelçin Yavuz the second place and Selen Paşmakcıoğlu the third place. Mustafa Kalaycı, Emirhan Göktaş, Zeki Batuhan Baran, Gürpınar Olay, and Mesut Tutsak were deemed worthy of honorable mention by the jury.

Ayıran mentioned that Prof. Dr. Atilla Yücel’s academic studies include the history of Mediterranean architecture, the research of archaeological sites and the modern interpretation of tradition: "The main purpose of this competition is to give our students the chance to visually interpret environmental issues such as traditional and modern architectural examples and the preservation of architectural heritage with sketches".

During her speech at the ceremony Assoc. Prof. Dr. Elif Songür Dağ, Head of FADA Department of Graphic Design reminded students that design in the departments of Architecture, Interior Architecture, Graphic Design, Industrial Product Design, and Communication Design starts with a sketch and added "We hope that with this project, our students have further developed their awareness of the importance of the sketch".

News Date: January 17, 2020