“The road to graduate programs” | Cyprus International University

“The road to graduate programs”

Cyprus International University (CIU) School of Applied Sciences organized an online event for undergraduate students titled “The Path to Graduate Programs”.

The road to graduate programs

The event that was moderated by Management Information Systems Department Academic Staff Assist. Prof. Dr. Tuğberk Kaya, sharing their individual experiences with undergraduate students, students studying at the graduate level within the programs in question explained the advantages of the programs and the difficulties they faced as graduate students.   

Speaking at the event, Assist. Prof. Dr. Kaya pointed out that under the roof of the School of Applied Sciences, there are 6 different undergraduate programs, 2 master's and one doctorate program, and went on to say “We continue to provide education to our students with the following programs: Information Security Technology Program, Computer Aided Accounting Program, Computer Technologies and Programming Program, Information Technologies Program, International Trade and Business Program and Management Information Systems Program, as well as Management Information Systems and Information Technologies master's degree programs and Management Information Systems doctorate program”.

Noting that students in these programs organized an event in an effort to convey their experiences, difficulties and achievements to undergraduate students, Kaya stated that the event would be useful in guiding graduate student candidates.

"We aim to continually increase the quality”
Informing that as the School of Applied Sciences they aim to increase the quality continuously, Assist. Prof. Dr. Kaya elaborated, “We organize similar activities every semester. On the one hand, we aim to continuously improve our quality of education, and on the other hand we aim to immediately identify the problems students may encounter, so as well as achieving academic success, our students are raised as mentally healthy and strong individuals”.

Speaking at the event, Information Technologies Program Coordinator Assist. Prof. Dr. Mary Agoyi stated that in addition to the digital achievements of the students, they also had the opportunity to develop the personal skills required in business life via collaborations and projects in a multicultural environment.

News Date: January 8, 2021