1st of May is a holiday that awakens the individual towards their labor

Cyprus International University (CIU) Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Academic Staff Prof. Dr. Mustafa Sağsan stated that 1st of May International Workers’ Day, is a day that is attributed to the fighting spirits against injustices and labor thieves, and went on to say, “Today is the day of solidarity for the knowledge workers and the labor workers. On this holiday, the importance of health workers undoubtedly stands out once again”.

1st of May is a holiday that awakens the individual towards their labor

Reminding that regardless of social stratification or the development level of societies, labor is the most supreme value, Sağsan added, "Especially when forehead sweat and the sweat of the mind are included, this value becomes an important asset".

Adding to his statement, Prof. Dr. Sağsan stated that at the same time as the 1st of May, the herald of spring, the festival of Nevruz, it is not the awakening of nature but a holiday that touches the awakening of individuals towards their labor, that follows.

Explaining that with the 1st of May, as well as productivity in the work place; safety, employee-employer relations, the feeling of belonging at the workplace, and loyalty, come to the fore, Sağsan also expressed that the pride of being a laborer is also experienced on this holiday.

In his statement, also drawing attention to the historical development of 1st of May, Prof. Dr. Sağsan reminded of the importance of the struggles of the CMC miners in Turkish Cypriot history, tobacco, cotton and harbor workers in Turkish history, and stone and construction workers within world history, in the seeking of their rights, and to receive what they deserve for their labor efforts.

Wishing that both workers and employers act hand in hand, together and with the same tone of voice on each 1st May, Sağsan pointed out the importance of the reconsideration of workers' rights, on levels of legal, social, community and cultural dimensions, making the necessary organization and updates.

Noting that with the pandemic process that has been experienced across the world, a majority of the victims have been the workers, and thus it is important for there to be an improvement to workers' rights, Prof. Dr. Sağsan went on to conclude, "Wishing to meet on many more 1st of May’, that are Covid free, healthy, celebrated outdoors with enthusiasm once again”.

News Date: April 30, 2021