Photography Club visited the Walls of Nicosia

Members of the Photography Club affiliated to the Social Activities Coordination Office within the Student Development and Counseling Center of Cyprus International University (CIU) visited the Walls of Nicosia.

During the technical visit to the Walled City under the leadership of the advisor of the CIU Photography Club Eda Hançer Akkor, students had the opportunity to get information about photography techniques and the historical sites of Nicosia.

Students interested in photography from different departments participated in the trip and Akkor provided students with basic information on areas such as composition, clear depth of field, light, and exposure as well as the history of the Walls of Nicosia.

Akkor stated that the international students showed great interest in the trip: “Our students had the chance to observe the historical texture of Nicosia hosting different cultures during our technical trip”.

Photography Club President Harmony Matenga stated that they had a chance to learn and practice photography techniques and they had an enjoyable and educational trip.

President Matenga mentioned that they also had the opportunity to socialize during the trip to the Walled City: "We also had the opportunity to learn about new cultures and at the same time know people from different cultures during this trip".

News Date: December 29, 2019