Dearest students of the Faculty of Medicine of Cyprus International University,

As of September 2018, I had the excitement and honor of establishing the Faculty of Medicine at CIU, which will provide a new, different and latest approach to medical education within our university. The aim of our faculty is to follow scientific developments and changes closely, to be open to innovations, to conduct our own research, to contribute to science at national and international levels, and to educate physicians who are aware of the health problems of their communities.
The education period is six years and the language of instruction is English. In the first three years, in addition to the theoretical and laboratory courses in basic sciences and clinical medicine, the basic sciences curriculum includes introduction to clinical practice with an enriched clinical practice component. In the fourth and fifth years, medical education consists of internships. In the sixth year, students will complete their education by taking responsibility in patient care under, the supervision of faculty members.
Dear students, medical education is a lifelong education. At the end of this path, you will become a physician who’s adopted good medical practices, and makes a difference with the quality of healthcare provided. We embrace you with love and wish you all the best with the hope of supporting each other throughout this long and exciting process.

Prof. Dr. Güldal MEHMETÇİK

Founder Dean, Faculty of Medicine