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Databases we subscribe to

Databases Name: EBSCOHOST Academic E-book
Content: Covers all disciplines


Database Name: Elgaronline
Content: Electronic books on Business, Economics, Law, Pharmacy and Agriculture are available


Database Name: GETEM
Content: Audio materials for visually impaired people


Database Name: eBook Clinical Collection 
Content: Nursing, Medicine, Health Sciences


Database Name: Clinical Key 
Content: Medicine and Health Sciences 


Database Name: AccessPhysiotherapy
Content: Physiotherapy and Health Sciences 


Database Name: EIKON 
Content: Business and Finance 


Database Name: The Case Journal 
Content: Business and Economics

EKUAL Databases we are subscribed to

Database Name: Intihal 
Content: Plagiarism


Database Name: EBSCOHOST 
Content: Full Text Database


Database Name: Academic Search Ultimate 
Content: Full Text Database (All disciplines, social science and engineering)


Database Name: Business Source Ultimate 
Content: Full Text Database (Economics and Administrative Sciences)


Database Name: Central & Eastern European Academic Source 
Content: Full Text Database (Literature, science, law, business and economics)


Database Name: ERIC 
Content: Full Text Database (Educational Sciences)


Database Name: MasterFILE Complete 
Content: Full Text Database (popular publications)


Database Name: MasterFILE Reference eBook Collection 
Content: Full Text Database (Reference resources)


Database Name: Newspaper Source Plus 
Content: Full Text Database (News resources)


Database Name: OpenDissertations 
Content: Full Text Database (Thesis’)


Database Name: Regional Business News 
Content: Full Text Database (Local news)


Database Name: The Belt and Road Initiative Reference Source 
Content: Full Text Database (All disciplines)


Database Name: TR Dizin 
Content: Full Text Database (All disciplines)


Database Name: Applied Science & Business Periodicals Retrospective 
Content: Bibliographic Database (applied sciences, business)


Database Name: Applied Science & Technology Index Retrospective 
Content: Bibliographic Database (applied sciences and technology)


Database Name: Art Index Retrospective 
Content: Bibliographic Database (Art)


Database Name: Business Periodicals Index Retrospective 
Content: Bibliographic Database (Work and Business)


Database Name: Education Index Retrospective 
Content: Bibliographic Database (Educational sciences)


Database Name: European Views of the Americas: 1493 to 1750 
Content: Bibliographic Database (American history and culture)


Database Name: GreenFile 
Content: Bibliographic Database (Environment)


Database Name: Humanities & Social Sciences Index Retrespective 
Content: Bibliographic Database (Librarianship)


Database Name: MEDLINE 
Content: Bibliographic Database (Medicine)


Database Name: Newswires 
Content: Bibliographic Database (Daily news)


Database Name: Teacher Reference Center 
Content: Bibliographic Database (Educational sciences)


Database Name: Web News 
Content: Bibliographic Database (News)


Database Name: DynaMed 
Content: Evidence-Based Database (Medicine))


Database Name: Library Information Science & Technology Abstracts 
Content: Information regarding librarianship and information science and technology


Database Name: Emerald Premier eJournal 
Content: Evidence based database (Business, economy and social sciences)


Database Name: IEEE
Content: Evidence-based database (Engineering and technological sciences)


Database Name: iTenticate
Content: Evidence-based database (plagiarism)


Database Name: JSTOR Archive Journal Content 
Content: Evidence-based database (All disciplines)


Database Name: Mendeley 
Content: Evidence-based database (Reference Management)


Database Name: OWID-LWW 
Content: Evidence-based database (Medicine)


Database Name: ProQuest Dissertations & Theses 
Content: Evidence-based database (Thesis)


Database Name: ScienceDirect Freedom Collection 
Content: Evidence-based database (Science, Technology, Medicine)


Database Name: Scopus 
Content: Evidence-based database (attribution)


Database Name: Springer Nature-Academic Journals 
Content: Evidence-based database (Medicine and Sciences)


Database Name: Springer Nature-Nature Journals All 
Content: Evidence-based database (Medicine and sciences)


Database Name: Springer Nature-Springer Link 
Content: Evidence-based database (Sciences)


Database Name: Springer Nature-Adis 
Content: Evidence-based database (Sciences)


Database Name: Springer Nature-Palgrave Macmillan Journals 
Content: Evidence-based database (Sciences)


Database Name: Taylor & Francis 
Content: Evidence-based database (All disciplines)


Database Name: Turnitin 
Content: Evidence-based database (plagiarism)


Database Name: Web of Science 
Content: Evidence-based database (attribution)


Database Name: Cab 
Content: Agriculture and Applied Sciences (bibliographic databases)


Database Name: Art & Humanities Citation Index 
Content: Bibliographic/attribution


Database Name: Book Citation Index 
Content: Agriculture and Applied Sciences (attribution)


Database Name: Conference Proceedings Citation Index (CPCI-S) ve (CPCI-SSH) 
Content: Evidence-based database (attribution)


Database Name: Wiley Online Library 
Content: Evidence-based database (Medicine, Economy, Social Sciences)

Open Access Databases

Database Name: Open Textbook Library
Content: Course Contents


Database Name: Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries
Content: Dictionary


Database Name: Collins Dictionary
Content: Dictionary


Database Name: Cambridge Dictionary
Content: Dictionary


Database Name: Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Content: Dictionary


Database Name: TDK Dictionary
Content: Dictionary


Database Name: Britannica
Content: Encyclopedia


Database Name: Pulitzer 
Content: Biographies


Database Name: World Atlas
Content: Map


Database Name: Embassy World
Content: Map


Database Name: Learn Turkish
Content: Language Learning


Database Name: LEOnetwork
Content: Language Learning


Database Name: E Learning French
Content: Language Learning


Database Name: Project Gutenberg
Content: For research (free e-book any subject)


Database Name: Open Library
Content: For research (free e-book any subject)


Database Name: Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)
Content: For research (Directory of Open Access Journals)


Database Name: Dergi Park
Content: For research (Turkish Academic Journal open access)


Database Name: Hindawi
Content: For research


Database Name: Directory of Open Access Books (doab)
Content: For research (Directory of Open Access Books)


Database Name: Dart Europe
Content: For research (E-theses)


Database Name: Science Direct
Content: For research (Owner Publisher)


Database Name: Intech Open
Content: For research (Open Access Book Publisher)


Database Name: Internet Archive
Content: For research (free e-book any subject)


Database Name: Planet e-book
Content: For research (E-Books)


Database Name: YOK Thesis Center
Content: For research


Database Name: TR Dizin
Content: For research 


Database Name: Classic Cinema Online
Content: For free time


Database Name: Open Culture
Content: For free time 


Database Name: Pera Museum Publications
Content: For free time 


Database Name: Le Gallerie Degli Uffizi
Content: For free time 


Database Name: Cell Press
Content: Health and life sciences 


Database Name: bioRxiv
Content: Biological Sciences (in all fields) 


Database Name: CERN Document Server
Content: Physics 


Database Name: ChemSpider
Content: Chemistry


Database Name: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Content: Agriculture 


Database Name: INIS – International Nuclear Information Systems
Content: Nuclear Sciences 


Database Name: Social Science Research Network
Content: Social Sciences 


Database Name: OP (Institute of Physics) Electronic Journals 
Content: Physics 


Database Name: American Institute of Physics (AIP Publishing)
Content: Physics 


Database Name: IGI Global
Content: Multidisciplinary 


Database Name: Knovel
Content: Engineering Information and Calculation 


Database Name: Nature Journals Online
Content: Scientific Journal 


Database Name: Online Etymology Dictionary
Content: Etymological Dictionary 


Database Name: ChemRxiv
Content: Chemistry 


Database Name: Core
Content: Multidisciplinary 


Database Name: Europeana
Content: A platform supported by the European Union Fund for sharing information and culture of European countries. 


Database Name: Foldoc
Content: Computer Sciences Dictionary 


Database Name: IMF
Content: Economics data 


Database Name: Khan Academy
Content: Lecture notes from all levels up to high school 


Database Name: PQDTOpen
Content: Open Access Thesis 


Database Name: PubChem
Content: Chemistry 


Database Name: Semantic Scholar
Content: Multidisciplinary


Database Name: Dimensions
Content: Multidisciplinary


Database Name: Zenodo
Content: Multidisciplinary 


Database Name: Dupli Checker
Content: Plagiarism 


Database Name: EUR-lex
Content: EU Law 


Database Name: Search Engine Reports
Content: Plagiarism 


Database Name: Law dictionary
Content: Law dictionary 


Database Name: Plagium
Content: Plagiarism 


Database Name: Journal of Turkish Science Education (TUSED)
Content: Science