CIU Excellence Awards



In the last two years, we have conducted two Workplace Experience surveys. One major outcome of these surveys was the recommendation from both academic and administrative staff to increase Professional Development opportunities at our University. We are now happy to announce the establishment of a brand new annual Teaching and Work Excellence Awards Framework. 

Our aim is to provide academic and administrative staff with the opportunity to channel their professional development into projects that make a distinctive, powerful and innovative contribution to the development of the CIU Quality Vision.


  • Innovative Practice in Student-Centered Learning
  • Outcomes-based Teaching, Learning and Assessment
  • Research-driven Teaching
  • Promoting Student Welfare and Well Being 
  • Developing Service Quality


  • Awards of 2000 Euros for the best portfolio submission in each category
  • Special certificated commendations for all short-listed portfolios
  • Official Certificates of Participation for all applicants
  • Invitation to participate in End-of-Year cocktail, Poster Exhibition and Awards Ceremony

Application Procedure

  • Click to download the Teaching and Work Excellence Awards Guide.
  • Click to download the initial application form. (Applications: 05-20 January 2023)
  • Initial applications will be submitted through Human Resources portal
  • Send your portfolios to (Deadline: 3 July 2023)
  • Awards Ceremony will be announced very soon.
  • For further information you may contact us at