Maritime activities gained importance

Cyprus International University (CIU) Engineering Faculty, Environmental Engineering Program Lecturer Prof. Dr. Rana Kıdak spoke within the scope of the July 1st Maritime and Cabotage Day, and stated that maritime activities are one of the important elements that contribute not only to the economy of the countries but also function as part of the defense system when necessary.

Prof. Dr. Kıdak pointed out that the hydrocarbon deposits in the Eastern Mediterranean have become a current issue and that the dominance of the country's maritime continental shelf as well as the hydrocarbon deposits have gained importance.

Expressing that there is a close link between maritime and the level of adaptability, Kıdak emphasized  that the civilization levels of societies that are advanced in maritime are constantly increasing.

Prof. Dr. Kıdak reminded that as of  the moment Turks started to settle on Anatolian lands surrounded by seas on three sides, the Turks felt the need to benefit from the sea, and hence started the development process of Turkish maritime.

Kıdak said that the conquest of the Island of Cyprus during the period known as the rise of the Ottoman Empire was of great importance for maritime and the Turkish presence in the Mediterranean gained significance. Many examples in history reveal that maritime activities played an important role in states’ becoming dominant around the world. 

Kıdak reminded that maritime activities are one of the most important elements of a country's tourism industry,  and that the beauty of the sea surrounding the country plays an important role in tourism activities as well.

Pointing out that the TRNC in all trade and tourism activities has developed its economic and social life by exercising its rights in its own coasts and seas, adding  that the TRNC works collaboratively  with Turkey in these efforts.

Kıdak also referred to the pollution of the seas in her talk within the scope of the maritime and cabotage festival, stating that the seas are becoming increasingly polluted and that the seas should be protected by a state policy for a healthier future.