About the Program

The Turkish Language and Literature Master’s Program aims to allow students to succeed in scientific research; gain the abilities to both evaluate and interpret their knowledge; and to prepare those who wish to progress to the Ph.D. level. The master’s program with thesis consists of not less than 21 credits stemming from two compulsory and five elective courses (seven in total), seminar course, and the thesis. The elective courses on folk literature, old Turkish literature, new Turkish literature, and Turkish language are aimed at offering specialization options for students. The seminar course and the thesis are non-credit, being evaluated as satisfactory or unsatisfactory. The student has to be registered from the beginning of the first semester until the third semester. The master’s degree with thesis program is limited to four semesters.

Education Opportunities

The Turkish Language and Literature master’s program students will be able successfully specialize in one of these branches; folk literature, old Turkish literature, new Turkish literature, or Turkish language. Students who would like to specialize in Turkish language and literature will successfully have an in-depth understanding or oral and printed cultural materials in Turkish. The academic enforcement is related to both the old and the new Turkish literature branches. Students aiming to specialize in the old Turkish language and the new Turkish language scientific branches, focus on whether the historical or modern dialects relate the information of the modern linguistics structures of Turcology disciplines as a primary study.

Career Areas

Graduates of these programs will have the opportunity to find job opportunities in libraries, archives, at the Ministry of Culture, radio and television and, in such media establishments as program executive producers, news editors, and speakers. They can become “lecturers” in higher education. Those with teaching certificates can find employment as a “teacher” in secondary schools. Those who are especially talented can become “authors” or “editors” in newspapers and magazines. They can also work in the Middle Asia Turkish Republic. They can further their academic careers by progressing to Ph.D. degree. They can improve themselves as academics through the following courses at the PhD level: Turkish Language, Folk Science, Old and New Turkish Literature. They can also develop their knowledge and skills through many different studies in the field of social sciences.


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