About the Program

The Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program aims to equip its students with solid foundations in the relevant field and also to develop advanced practical and theoretical research skills. The program is based on the rationale that technological products can only be manufactured by combining expertise and creativity with engineering experiences. For this reason, the program is designed to allow students specialize in machine systems and details. Students develop their skills to participate in scientific activities and share their findings with the scientific community.

Education Opportunities

Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program offers the opportunity to specialize in materials, static, strength, solid and fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, control, instrumentation, design, and manufacturing. The program, which includes specialization subjects such as manufacturing, biomechanics, energy conversion, combustion, fracture mechanics, automotive, vibrations, heating-cooling systems, mechanism techniques, also covers the design issues of thermal and mechanical systems. It also provides the latest technology research laboratory facilities.

Career Areas

Graduates of the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program can work as managers in institutions and companies focusing on high technology and practices. The graduates can also find employment opportunities in small and medium enterprises (SMEs), large-scale companies and multinational companies operating in the automotive and machinery sectors. They can take part in national and international projects and R&D activities that are outside the routine practices of daily engineering problems. They can pursue an academic career by completing a doctorate degree and find employment in higher education institutions as academic staff.


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