Dear Students,

The Cyprus International University Faculty of Dentistry, began providing education and training as of the 2019 – 2020 Academic Year, with experienced academic staff, adequate physical infrastructure and a five-year program that is worthy of 21st century dentistry.
Within the Faculty of Dentistry, a large number of modern lecture halls where theoretical courses are held can be found, along with many modern lecture halls suitable for remote online education, as well as two dental pre-clinical laboratories, each with a capacity of at least 40 students, for basic education use during the first three years. Prior to departing to clinics as trainee physicians, we train our 3rd grade students in the phantom patient simulation laboratory, with 30 models and equipment. On the other hand, there are 30 dental units in our integrated clinic belonging to eight departments, where clinical studies are conducted. We carry out our basic and clinical training in Dentistry, with a large number of faculty members who are experts in their field, and have a lot of field experience. We aim to present the requirements of modern medical education in the best way possible, with our Faculty of Medicine Faculty members who contribute to our basic medical education.
During our five-year education and training period, we plan to contribute to the health sector of ideal dentists, who have been trained in more than 120 topics, who are suitable with the needs of the 21st century, and who will provide the best oral and dental health to our society. Our mission, in light of universal values, is to be equipped with the knowledge, skills and abilities required by our country and humanity, utilizing scientific based knowledge to improve the oral and dental health of the society, to be rational, tolerant, innovative and creative, have the responsibility of serving the society, questioning, committed to humanistic and ethical values, and to train highly qualified and competent dentists.
Our goal is to contribute to shaping a better future with our academic, scientific and cultural activities, and adopt participation and teamwork, focusing on qualified research, using all the possibilities of modern dentistry and providing the best diagnosis and treatment of oral and dental diseases without compromising ethical values, to become a leading faculty that educates dentists who are experts in their field, that cares about environmental health and prioritizes preventive health services, sets an example at national and international levels by strengthening the innovation culture with a competitive understanding, and be a faculty that maintains its brand value by ensuring effective cooperation with its academic and administrative stakeholders.
Raising awareness in our vocational education is our greatest goal. If you are determined to be a part of such an awareness, it will be enough to join the Cyprus International University family. We would be delighted to see you among us.
With my most sincere love,

Prof. Dr. Ömer Engin Bulut

Dean, Faculty of Dentistry