About the Program

The aim of the Environmental Engineering postgraduate program is to help students graduate with the ability to find solutions to complex environmental problems. The program also aims to bring the students up-to-date with knowledge and skills needed to apply the foundations of science to be able to improve the environmental conditions of the society for a healthier and higher life quality. The students will be able to form databases on pollutants with an impact on the environment by conducting laboratory studies and field work. Moreover, they can work on understanding, making and improving the environmental laws and regulations as well as determining standards for public and private industrial sectors. It is expected that the graduates of this program would be able to evaluate the environmental issues through economical, legal, social and sustainability perspectives, and possess the knowledge to design and apply projects to solve environmental problems.

Education Opportunities

The Department of Environmental Sciences at Cyprus International University aims to train students to be able to work in the design, operation, supervision and construction of engineering structures and systems that can ensure the recover degraded nature and prevent pollution. Throughout the four-year course students undertake courses and projects in the main topics of water and waste water treatment plants, water networks, design of transmission lines, solid waste control, modeling and control of air pollution, environmental management and planning and noise pollution control. Students study theory, practical lessons and graduation projects in the analysis laboratory, computer rooms and library. Environmental engineers have an important role in making the world a better place to live in and achieving the objectives of sustainable development. Students receive an education in line with these goals, understanding the importance of their profession.

Career Areas

The students, who graduated from Environmental Sciences Master’s Program, can continue their career both in academic and industrial fields. Research centers, universities, public and private laboratories, consultancy and design companies, public and private statistical departments, ministries, environmental impacts assessment units, municipalities and non-governmental organizations are among the institutions where the students can work after their graduation. In such institutions, graduates can use their critical analytical thinking skills to determine and analyze environmental problems, find effective solutions to such problems while investigating the applicability and efficiency of the proposed solutions. The graduates can also continue for a Ph.D. degree so that they would be able to work at prestigious universities as lecturers and researchers and contribute to the scientific world with their quality research studies.


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