About the Program

The M.A. in ELT Program, which is accredited by the Higher Education, Planning, Accreditation and Coordination Council (Northern Cyprus) and the Higher Education Council of the Turkish Republic provides graduate students with the opportunity to specialize in the teaching of English in primary schools, secondary schools and higher education institutions. The program aims to enable graduate students to:
-enhance their teaching skills in ELT,
-improve their knowledge and skills in ELT syllabus design,
-study and evaluate current second language research studies,
-gain the competence needed to carry out necessary studies for the improvement of the quality of English Language Teaching,
-learn the most recent advances in the methods of foreign and second language teaching,
-design and evaluate new techniques and classroom activities in teaching English.

Education Opportunities

The M.A. in ELT Program of the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research, CIU hosts students from diverse countries. All classrooms used for the M.A. in ELT program are equipped with interactive touch panel boards, which provide web-based resources and contribute to the enhancement of learning. The university library has a special unit for ELT books and related resources. In addition to the department courses, students of the program benefit from diverse lectures, workshops and seminars delivered by ELT experts. Students have the opportunity to participate in student engagement projects or some other extracurricular activities that they would enjoy.

Career Areas

The M.A. in ELT graduates can work in the fields of curriculum development, teacher training, administration, and materials writing as well as in the field of teaching English as a foreign or second language at private or state schools and especially at higher education institutions. M.A. in ELT graduates have the opportunity to enroll in a Ph.D. program and to carry out further study in the field of ELT.ay.


Institute of Graduate Studies and Research
Education and Graduate Sciences Center, GE106
Tel: +90 392 671 1111 Extension: 2214-2228
Institue E-mail: ciu-institute@ciu.edu.tr


1-2 Years