About the Department

Our Business Administration doctorate program is designed to transfer modern management practices and theoretical approaches to our students and to guide them toward scientific research which will contribute to the country's management and the available literature in the field. The program is based on elective courses that allow students to concentrate on specific areas based on the basic functions of the field of business. Some of these elective courses include investment analysis and portfolio management, retail marketing strategies, advanced Microsoft Excel applications for businesses, financial markets and institutions theory, total quality management and quality assurance systems, and quantitative management techniques. Likewise, a wide range of courses are offered to focus specifically on management and leadership. Organizational theories and new organizational practices such as networking in light of the new technological developments and possibilities brought by the Internet can be studied.

Education Opportunities

In CIU, doctoral studies provide research on current topics regarding management science, management theories, statistics, economics and research methods. The medium of instruction is English, and students progress through the program, taking basic courses together. Before reaching to the thesis semester, the students are expected to decide on their field of expertise in close cooperation with the faculty supervisors. The conclusion of doctoral studies includes the preparation of the thesis proposal and the actual completion of the thesis research followed by the defense of the thesis in front of a jury consisting of academics. Throughout doctoral education, students are encouraged to submit papers at conferences and publish articles in prestigious journals. This program is also offered in German as the medium of instruction.

Career Areas

It is generally accepted that the purpose of the Ph.D. study is to prepare students for academic life. However, in today’s world, the very high degree of complexity that business models have had, and the tendency to change rapidly, has led to a great demand for staff with Ph.D. degree in the field of business. In this regard, this program enables graduates to pursue careers in the academic field and to take part in top management positions in business life. In the current business landscape, no matter the activity or the level of education, it is imperative to follow scientific developments closely and constantly renew one’s knowledge and skills. In this sense, the Ph.D. education at our university will enable graduates to be close to continuous scientific work as well as allowing them to follow the latest developments and to develop themselves.


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