About the Program

The Master of Business Administration (M.BA.) program at Cyprus International University aims to provide individuals, who want to be successful in a global competitive environment, with the opportunity to acquire essential knowledge and skills. Courses are designed in such a way that they teach the knowledge required for a professional management career in both public and private sector. A professional manager should have the ability to notice, determine and evaluate the elements that affect the success of a business and to put the necessary practices into action. Education and development are the most significant principles of professionalism in the modern information society. Both private institutions and society at large need individuals capable of working independently or as part of a team, coming up with ideas, having the ability to change their habits and behaviors and adapting themselves to the changing conditions.

Education Opportunities

There are twenty-four different courses in the Master of Business Administration Program at CIU. The core courses offer essential theoretical knowledge, in order to ensure participation and interaction, through seminars and topics that consider the problems of business management in practice. Students have the opportunity to actively work in the field by taking the elective courses they prefer. With projects and presentations, students do not only enrich their knowledge, but also gain the ability to convey this information in a proper, persuasive and immersive manner in front of an audience. As an important part of this education, the thesis or project requirement aims to help students acquire fundamental research skills. With the existence of state-of-the-art Finance Laboratory and other simulation laboratories, students can perform virtual transactions in real time. Master of Business Administration Program offers courses in Turkish, English and German.

Career Areas

The Master of Business Administration Program is basically aimed at improving managerial skills. These skills are indispensable not only for business graduates but also for graduates of other programs. Indeed, no matter what the profession is, and at what position the individuals are at, all professionals need these skills. Therefore, our graduates who have gained these skills will have the opportunity to rise rapidly in their careers; they will make important contributions and make a difference in the institution they are working at. In all public and private institutions in the world, our graduates will be able to adapt, improve and create successful and profiting organizations with their education.


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