Engineering Programs at CIU are reaccredited

Prof. Dr. Derviş Zihni Deniz, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering of Cyprus International University (CIU) stated that the Computer Engineering, Electrical-Electronics Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Civil Engineering programs within the Faculty of Engineering were evaluated during an interim visit in April 2022, and following this visit, the Association for the Evaluation and Accreditation of Engineering Education Programs (MÜDEK) accreditation regarding these 4 programs were successfully renewed.

Prof. Dr. Deniz noted that the accreditation process within the CIU Faculty of Engineering started for the first time in 2013, and  that the certification of quality in education started with the accreditation of  one program in 2013; work to receive this accreditation which certifies the quality of education that is offered has continued uninterruptedly until today.

Pointing out that MÜDEK is recognized as a national quality assurance institution by the Turkish Higher Education Quality Council  (THEQC) for the accreditation of engineering programs, Deniz said that MÜDEK is also a full member of the European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education (ENAEE) and is authorized by ENAEE to give the EUR-ACE Label. MÜDEK, also being a member of the Washington Accord, has the right to grant accreditations all over the world. 

Dean Deniz, explained that MÜDEK evaluated the programs on the basis of certain criteria prior to granting the accreditation, and said, “These criteria include Students, Educational Objectives of the Program, Program Outcomes, Continuous Improvement, Educational Planning, Faculty members, Infrastructure, Institutional Support and Financial Resources, Organization and Decision Making Processes, and Discipline-Specific codes and guidelines”.

Prof. Dr. Deniz gave detailed information about “Output-Based Education” based on ABET 2000/MÜDEK Criteria and said, “Within the framework of output-based education supported by learning theories, defining Course Learning Outcomes, determining Program Outcomes (Graduate Competencies) of academic programs, Level of Access to Program Outcomes, and its measurement progresses as the stages of defining 'Key Performance Indicators.' ”

Noting that the concept of continuous improvement is adopted within CIU and in particular the Faculty of Engineering, Deniz expressed that the fact that these are implemented throughout the university constitutes an important commitment.

Prof. Dr. Deniz concluded by stating it is possible to access the complete list of engineering programs that have been  accredited by MÜDEK from this link: