Health Sciences

Disaster Preparedness Training at CIU

CIU First Aid and Emergency Aid Specialists provide disaster awareness training

Cyprus International University (CIU), Vocational School of Health Sciences, continues to inform the citizens of the country with a new project within the scope of First Aid training offered by First Aid and Emergency Aid Program, and to raise awareness about how to save the lives of those caught up in  disaster.

CIU First Aid and Emergency Aid Program academicians ,who are specialists in the area, within the scope of the training programs they offer, held the "First Aid and Disaster Awareness" seminar for the Mehmetçik-Büyükkonuk Municipality personnel of the Iskele district.

CIU Vocational School of Health Sciences Lecturer Kadir Çekiç stated that due to the earthquake in Turkey, training was given primarily to the staff and students of the universities, and added that in line with the requests from institutions and organizations throughout the country, they gave seminars on life-saving first aid practices as well as important information on disaster response. 

Pointing out the importance of raising  first aid awareness, Çekiç stated that they conveyed information on many important points such as disaster preparedness, response to disaster and post-disaster, as well as what to do in emergency situations.

Within the scope of the training, Çekiç pointed out that  CIU First Aid and Emergency Aid Program specialists taught how first aid interventions are vital to saving lives while waiting for the arrival of the ambulance and added that everyone should learn first aid.

Noting that the training was carried out by the Continuing Education Center (CIU-CEC) of  Cyprus International University,  Çekiç stated that the participants who completed the training received a "First Aid Certificate".

Participating in the training, Mayor of Mehmetçik-Büyükkonuk Fatma Çimen Tuğlu stated that municipalities are one of the institutions that will provide first response teams and work in coordination during disasters and said, “We know the importance of first aid. With this training, we were better informed about what to do in the event of a disaster. It was an effective and an awareness raising seminar for our employees.”