CIU held the 1st PCGC Psychological Awareness Days

1st  PCGC Psychological Awareness Days program organized by Cyprus International University Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center (CIU-PCGC) has been completed.

CIU-PCGC Director Assist. Prof. Dr. Eliz Volkan stated that they started the event on May 10 as this day accepted as the World Psychologists Day, and stated that they organized various seminars, panels and workshops within the scope of the psychological awareness days that lasted for a week.
Volkan also talked about the seminars and panels organized within the scope of the  PCGC Psychological Awareness Days and said: “Exp. Neuropsychologist Hatice Ülsever made a presentation on. "Importance of Science in Psychology", CIU-PCGC experts Asst. Prof. Dr. Eliz Volkan, Dr. Çise Akün, and Exp. Psych. Huriye Koruşan spearheaded the “Development-Oriented Mindset Training (GOZE) Workshop,” Ömür Ray and Yasemin Taneri from KUIR Cyprus Association conducted the “Gender Equality and Hate Speech Panel,” and Specialist from Cyprus University. Psych. Ayşe Bıyıkoğlu talked about "Finding Happiness in Times of Crisis and Conflict."
Volkan stated that the closing event of the PCGC Psychological Awareness Days was the panel on "The Past, Present and Future of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)." President of the Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapies Association (BDPD) Prof. Dr. Hakan Türkçapar was the speaker in the 1st  Wave CBT, BDPD Board Member Prof. Dr. Kadir Özdel was at the 2nd  Wave CBT, and Assist. Prof. Dr. Simge Vural spoke at the 3rd  Wave CBT. 

Assist. Prof. Dr. Eliz Volkan noted that within the scope of the 1st  PCGC Psychological Awareness Days, in addition to the works they have collaboratively prepared on different topics with valuable experts, CIU PCGC also organized a training program consisting of  6 modules between  March 15th and May 3rd  2023. 

Volkan concluded by saying that they presented certificates to the participants who fully participated in the 6 modules of the 'Developing a Growth Oriented Mindset” Training (GOZE) at the end of the event.