CIU Faculty of Pharmacy receives accreditation

Cyprus International University (CIU) Faculty of Pharmacy MPharm and PharmD Pharmacy programs are accredited by Germany's Health and Social Sciences Accreditation Agency (AHPGS- Accreditation Agency In Health And Social Sciences).

AHPGS, which has been accrediting the world's reputable universities by providing audits in different programs in a multidisciplinary manner since 2001, granted the CIU Faculty of Pharmacy a 5-year unconditional accreditation.

The accreditation committee following long-term reporting and studies visited the CIU campus, Faculty of Pharmacy and the laboratories for 3 consecutive days;  the committee held face-to-face meetings with faculty members, alumni and students during these visits to evaluate and assess the Faculty of Pharmacy on its own premises. 

During the visit and correspondence-reporting process of the accreditation committee, the educational opportunities provided by the curricula, the university and the Faculty were thoroughly examined by the expert team members.

CIU Faculty of Pharmacy Deputy Dean Assist. Prof. Dr. Ender Volkan Çınar stated that the evaluation  visits and interviews went very well, and emphasized that MPharm and PharmD Pharmacy programs were unconditionally accredited after the interviews and visits.

Expressing that the accreditation in question is an international success, Çınar said, "With the accreditation obtained by our programs, another important step has been taken towards the international recognition of our country and our university."

Assist. Prof. Dr. Çınar also stated that the German accreditation committee expressed their satisfaction with the international structure of the CIU Faculty of Pharmacy and said, “Especially the process of preparing the self-evaluation report was a very laborious work. It was a process that was accomplished by a team that worked selflessly under the leadership of our Dean Prof. Dr. Yasemin Yazan.”