CIU competed in the 15th Robotics Olympiad

Cyprus International University (CIU) Faculty of Engineering, students from the departments of Computer Engineering, Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence Engineering participated in the Istanbul Technical University (ITU)15th  Robotics Olympiad. 

At the event organized in the CIU Çevik Uraz Center Conference Hall, the Dean of Faculty of Engineering Prof. Dr. Serkan Abbasoğlu presented certificates to the members of the CIU Robotics team and their advisors for successfully representing CIU at the Istanbul Technical University (ITU)15th Robotics Olympiad. 

CIU Faculty of Engineering academic staff Prof. Dr. Erbuğ Çelebi and Senior Instructor Dr. Parvaneh Esmaili spearheaded the project, and the CIU Robotics team members were Bashir Sani, Sedef Kervanlı, Farhaneh Aryanejad, Umar Farouk Abdulkarim, Muqaddis Atau Kolawole, Delight Tadiwanashe Chirume and Collins Ovuakporaye. 

In his speech, Dean Abbasoğlu drew attention to the importance of experimental projects and gave information about the effects of such projects on daily life. Speaking about the sustainability projects carried out at the university, Abbasoğlu stated that these studies help discover the talents of the students in the Faculty of Engineering and that such accomplishments are an added value to the Faculty. At the end of his speech, Dr. Abbasoğlu congratulated the students and their supervisors, and said they would continue supporting such projects. 

Çelebi, one of the advisors of the CIU Robotics team, stated that they formed two teams within the scope of this project, and explained that while one of the teams worked on improving path tracking control systems, the other carried out studies on improving object detection and collection skills. Çelebi also said that, “The students in our teams took responsibilities in project management, software and hardware.” 

Çelebi explained that their main purpose in forming the teams was to increase the interest in robotics competitions within the university, and also noted that they wanted to contribute to the development of a culture and accumulation of knowledge in this field.

Çelebi also stated that the teams consisted of freshman and sophomore year students, and that it was important for students to take part in such exciting projects as they embark on  their educational journey.

Drawing attention to the experiences gained by the students working on this project, Çelebi said, “Our students had the opportunity to analyze complex problems meticulously, to identify their needs in both software and hardware areas, and to develop robots and software that would reveal the most effective solutions.”

Finally, Çelebi expressed his satisfaction that his team successfully represented the university by participating in the ITU robotics competition and said, “In the coming years, we aim to further develop their knowledge by working on more complex and innovative robotics projects.”