The artists who added color to the CIU Social and Cultural Activities were presented with a Plaque of Appreciation

The local artists that took to the stage at the 2021-2022 Academic Year Orientation days that were organized by the Social Activities and Student Clubs Coordinate that is affiliated with the Cyprus International University (CIU) Student Development and Counseling Center, and also took to the stage at other events, were presented with a plaque of appreciation.

At the ceremony that took place at the Great Inn (Büyük Han) within the scope of the COVID-19 measures, Yena Hacışevki, Derviş Zeybek and Serafina Karahassan received their plaques by the Social Activities and Student Clubs Coordinator Selen Akün Kalaycı.

Speaking at the ceremony, Kalaycı reminded that the activities that continued for 2 weeks, especially after they came to an end, was a great source of motivation for the students who all came together, and thanked the artists for contributing.

Drawing attention to the fact that CIU has an international identity due to having students deriving from 110 different countries, Kalaycı went on to say, “Our aim is to bring our students together with the artists. In this way, the students who come to our country for education have the opportunity to be introduced to its culture.

In her speech, Kalaycı emphasized the importance of students being introduced to local values, and continued, “Within the scope of the orientation activities, in general, our students were informed about the culture of the country, while in particular getting to know the production of the country's artist”.

Shortly reminding about the activities that were organized, Kalaycı concluded, “The events included a flute concert by the founding artist of Atalier Kabuk, Yena Hacışevki, a dance show by Studio 21cc presented by Derviş Zeybek, a performance by DJ Hilmi Oraç, and a dance with paints under the management of Ecstatic Dance Cyprus group founder Serafina Karahassan”.