22-23 Spring Semester Graduation Ceremony

Cyprus International University 2022-2023 Academic Year Spring Semester Graduation Ceremony will be on June 21st 2023, 19:30 at the CIU Open Air Performing Arts Center (Amphi Theater).

The ceremony will start with the opening speeches of the presenters and will continue with a Moment of Silence and the National Anthem accompanied by the International Choir, speeches by our students on behalf of the graduates, Protocol speeches and presentations of documents to graduates. Our ceremony will end with a cap throwing ceremony.

Click to see the Graduation Route Map

Click for the Graduation Ceremony live stream. 

Graduation Yearbook PhotoShoot

In order to have your photograph with your gown in our yearbook, you need to have your photograph taken (12-16 June 2023 09:00-16:00 and 19-20 June 08:00-14:00) in class EH103 in the Education and Humanities Center between 12-20 June 2023. The Photoshoot fee is 200 TL.

Note: Those students who do not attend the shoot will not take part in the Yearbook.

Gown Rental

2022-2023 Spring semester graduates and 2022-2023 Summer semester graduate candidates will be able to attend the Graduation Ceremony.

It is mandatory to fill in the "Alumni Satisfaction Survey" via CIU-SIS before taking your gown.

To participate in the graduation ceremony, registration procedures will be made at the same time as collecting the gown. You must do your registration for the ceremony in the gown rental place even if you have a gown. Registration will be done until 19 June 2023. Wearing a graduation hat and gown is mandatory for all the students who will attend the graduation ceremony. Students who graduate will be able to obtain their graduation hats and gowns from EH104 between 9:00 and 16:00 from 12 to 21 June 2023. Students need to bring the 1000 TL down payment receipt which will be paid to NOVABANK Gown Account (account number: 10-116-160010). Student name, surname and student number must be written on the receipts. (Bank working hours: 08:30-16:00)

Students who deliver their graduation hats and gowns to the EH104 in the Education and Humanities Center between 22 June – 7 July 2023 from 09:00 to 16:00 will take 850 TL repayment.

Attention: Graduation Ceremony Registrations made after June 19, 2023 will be listed on the last list and these graduates will be separated from their departments and faculties.

Before Graduation Ceremony

Prior to entering the grand setting of the graduation ceremony, students who will participate, will have to click on the following link Graduation Ceremony (SIS) to learn the name of their group leader, their badge number, as well as the gate number. The first letter on the name badge indicates the seating block, the number after the letter stands for the seat row, and finally the number after the hyphen shows the chair to be seated. The letter at the end of the badge number indicates the location on the stage where the student will receive his document.

Our students should be ready at 16:00 at the CIU Open Air Performing Arts Center. Students should first find the entrance gate. Your group leaders will be waiting on you holding banners. You have to pick up your badge from your group leader and stick it on to the left-hand side of your graduation gown. Your group leader will explain to you all the details you need to follow during the ceremony.

You can have detailed information about the ceremony by watching the video prepared for you. Click to watch the video.

Note: The number of guests for each student is limited to 2 people.