About the Program

Sports Trainers Education Program provides courses on movement skills, physiological theory, functional anatomy, training theories and practices, neurophysiological basis, and biomechanical and kinesiological examination of sportive movements. Courses are offered to train students with the academic and technological qualifications. Sports branches offered within the Program include team sports, individual sports, and fitness leadership. Students who graduate from the Sports Trainers Education Program obtain Level 3 coaching license in their specialized fields. Graduates are generally employed in sports clubs and fitness centers. Our graduates, who can work with children and adults, can also work as coaches in football clubs. Graduated trainers are also involved in different events on different sports branches in addition to organizations of the sports federations.

Educational Opportunities

If students fulfill the relevant requirements, they can register for the postgraduate and doctoral programs of the Physical Education and Sports. Graduates with Level 3 coach licenses can participate in the 4th and 5th grade courses of related sports federations with an exemption from some of the courses they have taken during their undergraduate degree. They can also work as teacher trainers with the relevant qualifications. Graduates with Level 3 coach licenses may also earn a coaching certificate in the relevant field by participating in the coaching courses offered by some of the sports federations. Graduates can also be appointed as federation coaches by becoming the training coordinator of the relevant federations in the regions they work in. Graduates with Level 3 coach licenses can work as trainers in the European countries that offer the same education by showing their transcripts and taking the courses that they have not taken before.

Career Areas

Graduates with Level 3 coach licenses may serve as team coaches and youth team coaches depending on the systems of different federations. They can become technical directors at the beginning of their substructures by having the same undergraduate degree. In recent years, the chance to work as statistics coaches in some clubs due to the technological advances in team sports has emerged. New graduates can also work as trainers and organizers in tournaments and organizations for employees of companies in different businesses. Graduates may also be employed as trainers in private institutions where disabled people are trained. Particularly in the football field, graduates with Level 3 coach license start their profession with an advantage as coaches who have not graduated from the Physical Education and Sports Coaching Education Program spend 6 to 7 years to reach this level.


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