About the Program

Social Work Graduate Program aims to educate qualified experts renewing and improving their professional knowledge by following national and international developments in the field of social work, mastering basic sciences, contributing to social change, having problem-solving skills, empowerment and liberation to improve the quality of life for individuals, families, groups, and society with analytical thinking skills.
Facilitate the inclusion of sensitive people and risk groups who are socially excluded and lonely, take responsibility and/or initiative in individual and team works; encourage the formation of policies that comply with the ethical rules of the profession.

Education Opportunities

Social Work Master's Program aims to provide students with a strong background in sociology, social research, psychology, social psychology, social anthropology and social policy issues as part of the social work education. In this context, graduate students will receive the title of a qualified Social Service Specialist with their specialty courses and thesis.

Career Areas

Social workers can benefit from employment opportunities in many areas such as directorates, foundations, child and elderly nursing homes, women's shelters, adolescent counseling centers, health centers, and educational institutions, crisis centers and non-governmental organizations.


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1-2 Years