About the Program

The aim of this particular program is to guide and educate agriculture and basic science graduates to become specialized in selected areas; direct them towards original research; and assist them in their careers. Furthermore, the program also aims to encourage its students to build strong relations with internationally known colleagues from their field. The main goal of the program is to educate and guide the students to get ready to use high technologies in order to adapt, select or breed economically important and desired new plant cultivars from various floras and in well-equipped laboratories as well. Ultimate targets are to release such plant cultivars adaptable to unavailable ecologies and environments such as drought, salinity, diseases and insect damages. The visions of this program are to educate and guide the graduates to think and collaborate rationally and proactively evaluating all kinds of agricultural values, transferring environmentally-friendly production techniques to practice; contribute to higher quality and more efficient production under international regulations and standards; create added values to commodities.

Education Opportunities

The program courses are offered by senior lecturers all of whom are experts in their own fields. During the period of research and thesis preparation, students can benefit from the university library hosting periodicals and indefinite publications, electronic periodicals, digital image files from both local and international publications. For the study of the land required for the thesis, the university's agricultural areas and greenhouses can be utilized. There are also physics, biochemistry, analytical chemistry, computer laboratories and central laboratories available at the university to aid the successful completion of the program.

Career Areas

Students who graduate from the Department of Plant Science and Technology will expand their worldviews, international networks, have a wider vision, and will be introduced to their professional careers at the same time. Some of the employment areas include;
- Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
- Ministry of Environment and Urban
- Ministry of National Education
- Research Institutes
- Municipalities
- Universities
- International agricultural organizations
- Freelance consultant
- Establish their own companies


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Institute E-mail: ciu-institute@ciu.edu.tr


1-2 Years