About the Program

Physiotherapists who graduated from physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs are known to be active in the field of healthcare. With the increasing number of chronic diseases, expert physiotherapists are needed to be educated in their specialized fields. It is important to educate students who are equipped with advanced knowledge and skills in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation and have the ability to organize physiotherapy programs according to different patient groups. The master's program contributes and supports the graduate students in the name of progress towards the profession and in the name of development. For this purpose, our dedication is to create a graduate program that provides education at international standards, opens up new windows in the field of health researches and projects that increase the preference of graduates with their cultural, ethical, scientific and professional skills every year.

Education Opportunities

The Cyprus International University Master of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Program aims to raise physiotherapists who specialize in rehabilitation work involving physical, psychological, social, environmental and social approaches based on scientific foundations to ensure that people are healthier with more active and independent lives and to improve their quality of life. Thus, physiotherapists continue their profession by specializing in the field they wish to study. Physiotherapists take advanced theoretical and practical courses specific to the profession during the postgraduate education. After successfully completing the seminar course and the thesis, the students taking advanced evaluation and treatment methods of orthopedic, neurological, pediatric, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation and advanced research education at the master's level earn the title of specialist physiotherapist.

Career Areas

Master of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Program is suited to improve the quality of life by supporting and guiding the society, encouraging participation in physical activity, conducting research that impacts clinical rehabilitation programs, and improving functions. Our graduates of the program are able to provide services to the public and private sector inpatient treatment institutions, rehabilitation centers, remote diagnosis and treatment centers, centers providing education and counseling services (universities, provincial health directorates, health ministry), home care service providers, care and rehabilitation centers for the elderly, children and disabled people, sports centers. Graduates of the Master of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation with thesis program can prefer to work as academics who have obtained a specialty in the field and pursue a doctoral degree. Thus, this program will be the first step of breeding a faculty member needed by universities and research centers.


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