About the Program

Pharmacognosy is a science that studies the biological origin of pharmaceutical raw materials and excipients. Bio-pharmaceutical raw materials sourced from plants, animals, microorganisms and marine organisms are included in the research interests of the Department of Pharmacognosy.

Upon referring to the current drugs in use, it is observed that the biological materials are the source of an important part of their active ingredients. Pure bioactive molecules derived from nature can be used directly as drugs, or these compounds may be converted to a more effective form and have less side effects through semisynthetic or synthetic drug models. Natural resources, especially from plants, undoubtedly constitute a great potential for the discovery of new drugs. The main objectives of the program are to protect and promote health; utilize nature's rich diversity and development of chemical molecule drugs for the treatment of diseases; and learn the methods for the discovery of new molecules; The program also aims to raise graduates who can, for this purpose, apply the transfer of basic scientific methods in the planning and conducting of research; form sources for drug trials, compile information regarding their use in therapy cultures of people with interest in natural resources; separate active ingredients for the structural analysis and motility; conduct spectroscopic methods of chemical and biological assays of natural resources; utilize drug products in qualitative and quantitative analysis methods; and become qualified researchers in these areas.

Education Opportunities

Pharmacognosy M.Sc. program will focus on bioactive natural products; discovery of new molecules and artificial synthesis of semi-synthetic analogs of these molecules; their activity and / or bioavailability; higher level preparation of molecules with pharmaceutical potential to be used as medications; bioactive molecules in relation to molecular biology and genetics, cancer biology and pharmaceutical microbiology. It offers a multidisciplinary approach such that the research projects that will be carried out by this program will contribute to the publication of several research papers and presentations which will significantly help in the academic improvement of enrolled students.

Northern Cyprus has several endemic plant species, some of which have therapeutic potentials. However, we have almost no scientific knowledge regarding the therapeutic potential of these species that strictly grow on our island and nowhere else on the world. So, investigating and understanding the scientific significance of these valuable plant species and their potential therapeutic value can further be utilized in drug synthesis. This will provide the students with an opportunity to achieve novel discoveries and publish their findings in respected scientific journals.

Career Areas

Today, the field of Pharmacognosy has been showing a rapid development, where it is separated into branches operating in various scientific fields including science and technology innovation. Biotechnology, molecular biology and genetics and pharmacogenetics go in parallel with the progress in molecular pharmacology and toxicology, pharmacogenomics, genotoxicity, proteomics and the discovery of bioactive molecules from plants along with the metabolomics research and other multidisciplinary fields. Furthermore, there is an agenda in the 21st century to achieve advancements in personalized medicine and Cyprus International University Faculty of Pharmacy, Pharmacognosy program will also aid this goal by utilizing a multidisciplinary team.

Our graduates will have the opportunity to work in industrial or laboratory settings in addition to continuing their academic career.


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