About the Program

As of 2019, the Master's Program in Nursing has started to provide education within the body of the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research at Cyprus International University. The aim of the program is to train critical and research-oriented expert nurses, who have the skills of planning, organizing, supervising, developing and expanding; can use knowledge, skills and advanced technology effectively in the understanding of quality service; can plan care based on research findings; follow scientific developments and use them for professional and academic purposes. In this way, graduates will be able to have more comprehensive knowledge about the field they would like to work for. Students who successfully complete their four-year undergraduate degree and meet the requirements of the program are able to enroll in the postgraduate program. Within the scope of this program, students will have the comprehensive knowledge regarding the profession through the selected area-specific courses. With research methods, statistics and ethics courses, the students will learn about research methods and skills.

Education Opportunities

At Cyprus International University, the Nursing Master’s Program with thesis is carried out both theoretically and practically. Theoretical education is provided in equipped classrooms on the campus while practical skills are taught in the skills laboratories of the department. In these laboratories, there are two adult manikins that allow basic nursing practices (vascular access, injection, tube application to the body cavities, etc.); a simulation manikin on which CPR can be performed; a pregnant simulation manikin for labor practice; a newborn care and application manikin; skeleton; anatomy model and other necessary materials used for nursing interventions. In addition to this, students gain practical skills for their field in different inpatient treatment institutions, public health institutions and rehabilitation centers. The program is run by three professors and three assistant professors. Additionally, academic staff from other departments also contributes to the programs. Students also benefit from the common library on campus which contains many printed and electronic resources.

Career Areas

Together with the socio-demographic changes in the society, healthcare needs are also changing. Changes such as the increase in the elderly population, shortening of hospitalization periods, as well as the rapidly advancing technology require innovations in the provision of healthcare. Therefore, there is a need for nurses, who are equipped with advanced knowledge and skills in the field of nursing; and are able to provide individual and evidence-based care. The program aims to educate graduates who will respond to this need effectively. Graduates will have the privilege and advantage of benefiting from employment opportunities in all kinds of areas such as inpatient or outpatient treatment institutions, rehabilitation centers, and elderly-child-disabled care homes. In addition, graduates would have the priority for the position of an executive nurse in the clinics where they work. Graduates can also continue their doctoral education and become an academic in the nursing departments that provide undergraduate education.


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