About the Program

During the course of this training, TRNC Law is taught and it is aimed to help student improve themselves in the academic sense. The main reason for launching this program is to train lawyers who follow the developments and innovations in the national and international area and who can bring up solution proposals for the problems that may arise in this area and the techniques and methods of scientific research. Students participating in the program will have the opportunity to refresh the knowledge they have gained during their undergraduate education or to learn any missing information, as well as having the opportunity to specialize in the field by taking advantage of the extensive course schedules of the program.

Career Areas

The professions program graduates can pursue include legal and prosecution lawyer; legal counseling in national and international companies; legal counseling in the private and public sector. Other career areas are instructor employment opportunities in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; inspectors in the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Finance; positions in various international organizations such as the Governor's Office, Security Directorate, Bureaucracy, NATO, the Council of Europe, the United Nations Organization and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).


Institute of Graduate Studies and Research
Education and Graduate Sciences Center, GE106
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Institute E-mail: ciu-institute@ciu.edu.tr


1-2 Years