About the Department

The Ph.D. in ELT (English Language Teaching) aims to help Ph.D. candidates acquire theoretical and practical knowledge in contemporary research related to the fields of applied linguistics and language teaching, and to provide them with necessary skills to carry out quantitative, qualitative and mixed-methods research on language studies and language learning/teaching studies.

The Ph.D. program is open to students holding an M.A. degree in English Language Teaching or Applied Linguistics, but those who have a similar degree in related disciplines may also be admitted provided that they take a certain number of prerequisite courses following their admission. After the completion of 21 credit hours of coursework and the seminar, graduates are required to take a qualifying exam and submit a Ph.D. thesis followed by its oral defense. For the thesis defense, it is a requirement to publish an article related to the thesis topic in an SSCI journal. The successful completion of the program leads to the Doctor of Philosophy in ELT degree.

Education Opportunities

Those who hold an M.A. degree can apply for the Ph.D. study as well as students who hold a bachelor’s degree with a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of at least 3.00, can apply for the Ph.D. in ELT program within the framework of Rules and Regulations related to the 5 Years Direct Entry Ph.D. Programs. Ph.D. candidates take seven elective courses and one compulsory seminar course. For each Ph.D. student, an ELT academic will be assigned as the thesis supervisor specialized in the related thesis topic responsible for guiding the student through the thesis study..

Students of the Department of ELT have the opportunity to attend ELT seminars, conferences and workshops frequently organized at the university.

Career Areas

The graduates of the Ph.D. in ELT program can work in the fields of curriculum development, teacher training, administration, and materials design as well as in the field of teaching English as a foreign or second language at private or state schools and especially at higher education institutions. Graduates of the Ph.D. in ELT program have the opportunity to work as an academic at a university and pursue an academic career by becoming an assistant professor, associate professor, and a full professor, respectively.


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