About the Program

Due to Turkey's Higher Education Board’s 11.06.1997 dated and 22449 numbered article, undergraduate students cannot be registered for the Curriculum and Instruction Program at Faculties of Education, so in this field, only master’s and doctoral degrees are offered. Considering the size of the education system, the number of students, teachers and schools, and the need for teachers; the importance of postgraduate education programs to be opened in the field of education programs and teaching is further understood. Here, our educational programs and our graduate program of education educate candidates, who will take on important tasks such as well-training of teacher candidates, organizing effective in-service training, in the best way possible. In addition, our master’s education which is the first step of educating academic staff in the field of education, also allows opportunities to educate instructors, who can teach vocational courses in teacher education programs.

Education Opportunities

The focus of our university in program diversity and postgraduate education and research is the reason of having a strategic vision so that our university can achieve its universal goals. With this in mind, there are smart boards that our students can use in all classrooms to ensure that students enrolled in the Education Programs and Teaching Master’s Program are educated with the most up-to-date facilities available. In addition to the theoretical courses, students are able to conduct research and publish their findings in scientific journals and present them at scientific conferences. Our students have access to important databases provided by our university library so that they can access existing publications on research and courses. In our Education Programs and Teaching Master’s Program, there are two full-time qualified professors, an associate professor and an assistant professor to offer high-quality education.

Career Areas

In recent years, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has been the scene of important developments in the name of education. Cyprus International University has an important place in terms of student capacity, quality of teaching staff and program diversity. In this context, our university has also undertaken a serious mission to educate and train specialists in the field of education as a means of responding to the growing need of teachers and the professional development of the teachers working at schools. Our students who graduate from our Master’s Program in Educational Programs and Teaching become experts in educational programs and teaching. In addition to planning and evaluating educational programs, they will be qualified to give all the courses related to teaching. For this reason, they can teach courses such as Introduction to Educational Science, Teaching Principles and Methods, Measurement and Evaluation, or Teaching-Learning Theories. They can work as program development and teaching specialists in the Primary and Secondary Education Directorates at the Ministry of National Education. They can also work as principals or administrators in primary and secondary schools and can contribute to the development of school culture and the planning of educational programs.


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