About the Department

The Doctorate of Architecture Course (Ph.D.) contributes to students’ theoretical and practical knowledge of architecture, the planning, designing and construction of buildings. Students are expected to carry out research, discuss and express their thoughts analytically in written and oral form.

The program allows for the learning of architectural theories and their application, methods and techniques in a variety of core and elective modules. As technology and economy are constantly developing, students are encouraged to become innovative, creative, independent, dynamic and productive researchers and instructors.

Students are required to continue the Doctorate of Architecture program for at least eight semesters and take seven core courses and a seminar. Assuming that they succeed in the Ph.D. qualifying examination, students successfully concluding the course must, in light of the suggestions from their supervisors, prepare a thesis on a topic contributing to the literature, and defend it before a jury.

Education Opportunities

Department of Architecture, within the body of the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research, has different qualities regarding; the relationship of educational context and scientific fields, the criteria for student acceptance and the institutional framework of architecture profession. Master of Arts in Architecture (M.A.), considering the multidisciplinary structure of profession, covers the topics of architectural theory and methods, conservation and restoration, environmental design and technology.

There are 24 full-time, 12 part-time instructors and 4 research assistants in the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Fine Arts Design and Architecture. Considering the development and academic progress of the young academic staff, and ongoing accreditation processes; the Department of Architecture supports the education and research programs at Ph.D. level including both projects for public service and societal, environmental, cultural and technical dimensions.

Career Areas

Architects have an extensive field of study as they graduate from the Department of Architecture that enables them to work with different design disciplines. Graduates of this department can work as freelance architects or paid architects in an architectural office; open an architectural design office or take part in industrial or design process related with technology for the development and production of construction materials or concentrate on urban environment. They also have the opportunity to work in research and education in the academic environment.

An architect can have a successful career by accurately making use of human relations and psychology in all parts of creativity. Many architects have achieved successful professions in different fields such as literature, media, cinema, music, industry and entrepreneurship with their original perspective and creativity developed through architectural education.


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