About the Program

The task of anesthesia technicians is to assist the authorized anesthesiologist in the health sector, take part in patient preparation and to be in the nearest hospital, i.e. in the operating room, during the procedure. The anesthesia program graduates are trained to be very close to the patient, be familiar with his or her illness, the drugs to be used, and what the conditions are. Our training program aims to provide the students with the necessary knowledge and skills in this field. It is important to train technicians who will be able to perform preoperative patient preparation, support the anesthesiologist during surgery, and undertake patient control and supervision after the operation. Apart from advanced anesthesia machines and different anesthesia techniques, students are also taught about sterilization and emergency patient care.

Educational Opportunities

A strong academic and physical infrastructure has been prepared for this program. Students also have summer internships in addition to their yearly practices related to their professions. There is a wide range of possibilities as internship for students. There are possibilities of reinforcement during the semester practices with experienced instructors to apply the learning outcomes. There are many clubs and facilities that support social, cultural and sports activities that students can benefit from in our university. It is one of the greatest advantages of the Department of Anatomy, Department of Occupational Skills Laboratory (Anesthesiology and Reanimation), the Anthropometry Laboratory, Department of Health Sciences, which includes various body analyzers and metabolism measurement devices. Our experienced faculty members are educated with the most up-to-date information and continue to develop professionally.

Career Areas

The graduates of the program earn the title of anesthesia technician by completing all the required professional practices and internships in the program. Currently, the hospitals in TRNC and Turkey have operating rooms and these units need trained staff. A large part of the existing graduate anesthesia technicians have been recruited by the Ministry of Health. Private hospitals, polyclinics, laboratories, medical centers, dispensaries, health centers, community health centers constitute the main employment alternatives for the graduates of this program.


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