What people that suffer from varicose veins should pay attention to during the summer months

Cyprus International University (CIU) Faculty of Medicine discussed the problem of varicose veins and the things to pay attention to during the summer months, during the event they organized.

During the online event that was moderated by CIU Faculty of Medicine Academic Staff and Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Barlas Aytaçoğlu, Mersin University Faculty of Medicine Cardiovascular Surgery Department Academic Staff Prof. Dr. Murat Özeren gave information.

Stating that varicose veins is a disease of the veins, Prof. Dr. Özeren advised that of all the leg related problems, this disease is the most common within society.

Stating that situations such as the effects of gravity, standing on your feet for long periods of time, and pregnancy applies pressure to the feet, Özeren went on to say, “Imagine a water pipe and how difficult it is to pump water to the top of an apartment. Because, due to gravity, water is directed to the floor. Similarly, when heart valves are not properly functioning, the blood creates downward pressure towards the feet, and as a result of this pressure, Varicose veins are formed on our legs and feet”.

Emphasizing the fact that in practical terms, varicose veins is a disease that occurs in the veins, Prof. Dr. Özeren noted that medically, it is a potentially harmful process.

Informing that the varicose vein disease chooses by profession and gender, Özeren stated that the disease is especially more common among women due to the skeletal muscle system of women being slimmer than those of men.

Stating that incidences of varicose disease is higher in every profession that requires working while standing, Özeren continued, “Crossing your legs or sitting for long periods of time prevents the return of veins. While not as much as when standing, sitting for long periods of time also has important effects on the formation of varicose veins”.

Pointing out that due to damaging the skeletal muscle pump, flat shoes or high heels should not be preferred, Özeren advised that choosing orthopedic or light-heeled shoes is important.

Özeren noted that varicose vein patients are required to be dynamic, and elaborated, “Walking at a fast tempo, refraining from having hot showers, instead using cold water, staying away from spicy food, drinking plenty of water and shouldn’t eat foods with pulp are necessary”.

Pointing out that weight is a trigger for varicose veins, Özeren concluded, “Weight increase during pregnancy should not be more than 10 kilos. During this period, medium pressure compression stockings are very protective”.