Physicians of the future receive their white coats at CIU

Physicians of the future  at Cyprus International University (CIU) Faculty of Medicine, took their first steps into the profession and put on their white coats at the ceremony attended by the TRNC Minister of Health, İzlem Gürçağ Altuğra.

The ceremony was held at the CIU Çevik Uraz Center Conference Hall and in attendance were TRNC Minister of Health İzlem Gürçağ Altuğra, CIU Rector Prof. Dr. Halil Nadiri, CIU Dean of Faculty of Medicine Prof. Dr. Güldal Mehmetçik, academics and students.  
Speaking at the ceremony, Altuğra stated that the in the medical profession, white coat is a symbol of honesty, professional ethics, and serving all the people with compassion without discriminating them based on religion, language or race; and said, “Never lose the excitement you feel  now when you are taking the first steps toward becoming a doctor. Even after graduation, never forget to respect and love your instructors who will be preparing you for the profession selflessly and teaching you the art of medicine.” Stating that quality health care is the most fundamental right of all citizens, Altuğra said, "By acting with this in mind, we strive to raise the field of health to a higher level similar to what  the other fields in the country try to achieve."

In his opening speech, Rector Nadiri pointed out that the CIU Faculty of Medicine is included in the "World Directory of Faculties of Medicine", which lists the world's most respected educational institutions in the field of medical education, and said, "The education you receive at our university will prepare you in the best way for your future career." Reminding the medical students that every profession has its difficulties, but the responsibilities in the field of health are higher, Nadiri added "Your responsibility in the field of health is unique as you have a direct impact on human life.” 

Speaking at the ceremony, Mehmetçik congratulated the students for choosing to pursue a career in a field that is very difficult and requires sacrifice, and pointed out the importance of healing people or saving human lives. Mehmetçik also gave some advice to future physicians in her speech, and said, “You should work closely with  your patients, and you should listen to them very attentively. However, in addition to listening to your patients, you also need to listen carefully your colleagues, nurses and technical team members working in the laboratory. The key to success is to be a very good listener.”

Following the opening speeches, the ceremony continued with the medical students putting on their white coats. The ceremony ended with a group photo shoot to mark the meaning and importance of the day.