CIU Students Continue to Meet with Industry Leaders

Within the scope of the “5th Career Days" organized by the Cyprus International University (CIU) Career and Alumni Center, Vodafone Deputy General Manager-IT & VAS Togan Çakmak held a meeting with CIU students. 

In his speech, Çakmak gave information about the advantages of working in any of the  engineering fields, and said, “Engineering is a field aimed at solving problems and facilitating daily life. It provides a constantly changing and innovative working environment.”

Çakmak said that those working in this field can have the opportunity to work remotely if they wanted, and also talked about how financially rewarding the profession is.

Çakmak also gave some advice to the students in order to achieve success in business life and suggested that they should set a goal and proceed step by step. He said, “You don't need to be afraid of anything. Keep working on achieving your goal despite the problems you may confront. Take your time." 

Stating that it is important for students who want to become a programmer to be well-equipped in programming, Çakmak said, “However, it is not enough to be experienced in your field of expertise. You must have active listening skills. You must be able to think critically and be good at solving complex problems.”

Çakmak noted that the sectors that can bring today's technologies to the island have started to develop, and that it is important for students to make efforts to constantly improve themselves.

Cakmak also talked about the jobs of the future which are namely,  “Artificial Intelligence, Data Analyst, Robotics Engineering, Cyber Security Specialist, Cloud Engineering, Software Developer, Full Stack Developer, Mobile Developer and Web Developer and they all continue to gain importance. It is important that you develop yourself in these areas.”