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CIU Department of Architecture is reaccredited

Cyprus International University (CIU) Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture (GSTMF), Department of Architecture,  one of the most successful and prestigious institutions offering architecture education, is accredited for the second time by the "Architecture Accreditation Board of Turkey" (MIAK) for a period of six-years and hence once again the department certified  its quality.

Acting Dean Prof. Dr. Cemil Atakara of CIU Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture stated that they provide education that is oriented toward professional training within the scope of their  vision that attaches significance to quality, and noted that the CIU Architecture program is now among the 125 programs listed in this field, not only in the TRNC but also in the world, both in terms of accreditations and the awards won by its students and graduates in international competitions.

Expressing that the accreditation of the architecture program for the second time and for a period of 6 years is an important indicator that affirms the quality of the program, Atakara said, “MIAK evaluation requires preparation of preliminary evaluation reports regarding the educational and research activities of the department, examination of the reports by MIAK experts.  Our program was accredited as a result of a process conducted by a supervisory committee of 5 experts from different universities and the submission of the prepared report to the MIAK commission for final decision.

Prof. Dr. Atakara stated that the CIU Department of Architecture continues to move forward confidently into the future with its ever-developing physical structure and expert faculty members, and said, “We teach based on a student-centered education system and use experimental education methods in the program. In addition, we provide training based on one-on-one master-apprentice relationship”.