Harun Şeşen


Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

Role Acting Dean
Telephone number +90 392 671 11 11
Extension 2219
Office No.
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  • TMA Defense Management (PhD, 2010)
  • TMA Human Resource Management (Master, 2006)
  • TMA Systems Enginnering (Undergraduate, 1998)

Articles published in National journals

  • Relationship between positive psychological capital and job crafting: the moderating role of perceived overqualification - 2021
  • The Impact of Human Resources Management Practices on Job Stress: A study of Hospitality Services - 2020
  • Adaptation of Compulsory Citizenship Behavior Scale into Turkish: The Validity and Reliability Study - 2020
  • The Effect of Cultural Value Perceptions on Impression Management Tactics: A Study on Lower and Middle Level Managers - 2014

Articles published in peer reviewed international journals (SCI,SSCI,Arts and Humanities)

  • Positive organizational scholarship in healthcare: The impact of employee training on performance, turnover, and stress - 2021
  • A Comprehensive Study on University Students’ Perceived Employability: Comparative Effects of Personal and Contextual Factors - 2021
  • On the Relation between Green Entrepreneurship Intention and Behavior - 2021
  • Multiculturalism, positive psychological capital and students’ entrepreneurial intentions - 2021
  • Transforming Turkish Universities to Entrepreneurial Universities for Sustainability: From Strategy to Practice - 2020
  • Perceived overqualification and job crafting: the moderating role of positive psychological capital - 2020
  • Entrepreneurial Behaviors in the Hospitality Industry: Human Resources Management Practices and Leader Member Exchange Role - 2019
  • Multicultural Personality Traits and Employee-Perceived Service Quality in the Hospitality Industry: The Mediating Role of Cross-Cultural Psychological Capital - 2019
  • The Phenomenon of Mobbing in Public Workplaces in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus: A Qualitative Study on the Role of Trade Unions - 2018
  • Consequences of Self-Leadership: A Syudy on Primary School Teachers - 2017
  • Leaders’ managerial assumptions and transformational leadership: the moderating role of gender - 2017
  • Faculty-student perceptions about entrepreneurship in six countries - 2017
  • Impact of satisfaction and commitment on teachers’ organizational citizenship - 2012

Articles published in other peer reviewed international journals

  • The Effect of the Employee Perceived Training on Job Satisfaction: The Mediating Role of Workplace Stress - 2021
  • Fear of COVID-19 and work-quality of life among nurses: The mediating role of psychological well-being - 2021
  • The Influence of Transformational Leadership on Employees' Innovative Behaviour in the Hospitality Industry: The Mediating Role of Leader Member Exchange - 2021
  • The role of positive psychological capital in the effect of leadership styles on organizational commitment: A study of hospitality services - 2020
  • IdeaChain: a conceptual proposal for blockchain-based STI policy development - 2020
  • Dataset on social capital and knowledge integration in project management - 2020
  • Data on personal and contextual factors of university students on their entrepreneurial intentions in some Turkish universities - 2020
  • On the Relation between Leadership and Positive Psychological Capital in the Hospitality Industry - 2019
  • Expanding the boundaries of compulsory citizenship behavior: Its impact on some organizational outputs - 2017
  • The Impact of Education, Economy, and Culture on Entrepreneurial Motives, Barriers, and Intentions: A Comparative Study of the United States and Turkey - 2014
  • Personality or environment? A comprehensive study on the entrepreneurial intentions of university students - 2013
  • The Effect of Organizational Limitations to the Decision-Making Process in the Context of Crew Resource Management: The Factors Leading Pilots to Make Bad Decisions and an Implementation - 2013

Books and books chapters published nationally

  • Relational, Mediational/Moderational, and Structural Equation Modeling with SPSS, AMOS, and PROCESS Macro - 2021
  • Administrative, Financial Structure and Control of Local Governments in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus - 2018
  • Past and Present of the Turkish Cypriot Economy - 2017
  • Current Issues in Management - 2016
  • Current Approaches in Leadership and Scales That Can Be Used in Practice - 2012
  • Structural Equation Modeling AMOS Applications - 2011