Student Information System

The Student Information System is an online system in which the students can follow their academic information. By using this system, students can make their course registration and see their timetables, grades as well as their academic standing.

E-mail (Webmail)

The e-mail system is one of the main IT services that our university provides to our students and staff. One e-mail account is created automatically for the students who complete their registration. The students then use their e-mail accounts not only to communicate but also to access to education portal services both inside and outside of the university. Student webmail passwords can be taken from IT Computer Hall. E-mail (webmail) passwords can be taken during office hours from officials at the Computer Center Computer Hall by showing ID cards.


It is used to access content such as announcements and course materials about faculty courses during the semester. Moodle system can be logged in with a CIU-NET account.