About the Program

The Graduate Program in Nutrition and Dietetics began to provide training at the Postgraduate Training and Research Institute of the Cyprus International University in 2016. Purpose of the program; to expand the vision of the personnel trained in nutrition, nutrition and / or dietetics in line with universal values ​​and country facts and requirements, and in case of impaired health; to adopt the lifelong learning principles with the application knowledge of medical nutrition therapy that the individual needs, to become qualified personnel who have reached professional competence to do national and international recognition, practice and research. The main objective of the program is; education, research, management and scientific research in the field of innovation, change, scientific development and recreation open, nutrition and dietetics, which will respond to the constantly changing and developing nutritional requirements of the society by continuing nutrition and dietetics education in universal standards.

Education Opportunities

Cyprus International University, Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics program supports students' academic developments with up-to-date and rich curriculum. There are 7 different research laboratories including microbiology laboratory, cancer research laboratory and environment research laboratories and anthropometry laboratory, ergonomics and anatomy laboratory, treatment movement laboratory, nursing skill laboratory, pharmacy practice laboratory, neuropsychology laboratory, nutrition principles application laboratory, pharmacy practice laboratory, electrotherapy laboratory education and research opportunities with 19 different training laboratories that are closely related to the healthcare sector and health services. Nutrition and Dietetics graduate program has a strong education program that is compatible with today's current developments and changes.

Career Areas

Our graduates with nutrition and dietetics undergraduate programs have been awarded a number of scholarships in the fields of public and private sector inpatient treatment institutions, rehabilitation centers, remote diagnosis and treatment centers, centers providing education and counseling services (universities, provincial health directorates, health education companies, such as home care service providers, care and rehabilitation centers for elderly-child and disabled people, sports centers, non-governmental organizations that carry out health projects, etc., can benefit from these high-level information. Graduate program with Nutrition and Dietetics thesis leads to career development with a diploma of specialization in graduates who want to continue as academicians in universities.


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