About the Program

Nowadays, institutions and individuals demand higher quality and better performance from their surroundings that influence their lives. Considering this, the content of the graduate program is designed to educate interior designers to be able to use and evaluate the principles of interior design at an advanced level by showing a responsible perspective for improving the life quality of interiors. Moreover, they are expected to solve design problems by utilizing necessary research and carry out an independent study on a related topic concerning interior design, which can be considered as a scientific assessment of their success in the search of new meanings, new approaches, and new targets. The main areas of interests of the program are the changes currently occurring in the design profession, research methodology, professional practice and the industry. The students will be able to acquire innovative and unique methods of thinking, shaping and realizing the creative design ideas.

Education Opportunities

The Department of Interior Architecture has 7 full-time academic staff, 2 part-time teaching staff and 1 research assistant. There are 12 classrooms and 4 studios in the department building. Classrooms and studios are equipped with whiteboards and projectors. All classrooms have air conditioning system for heating and cooling. There are also Model Making Studio, Photography Studio, Material Lab, Serigraphy Studio and 3D Printing and Screening Studio available in the department. The entrance hall and corridors of the faculty are used as exhibition spaces. In addition, the entrance gallery of the CIU Library building is also used as an exhibition space. The CIU Library hosts 3,899 publications related to the interior architecture program.

Career Areas

The graduates of the Interior Design Graduate Program would earn the “Master of Interior Design: M.ID.” title and will be able to work with various disciplines. Specializing in interior design provides the students with a diverse advanced skill set and career options in the profession. The graduates can work in very complex research and/or design projects. They can also become academics if they choose to continue for a Ph.D.. They can also work individually, or as a team, in their own design offices or governmental institutions. Likewise, they can also have the job opportunities in the area of project management, higher education, commercial, education, healthcare, hospitality, institutional, kitchen/bath design, lighting design, office/ residential furniture design and production, retail and showroom.


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1-2 Years