The mission of the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research is to raise individuals who have crticial thinking and research skills; are competent in their field, self-confident, well-communicative, and open to the changing world, new models and innovations. Postgraduate education has strategic priorities and the Institute is the place where the studies for the future are conducted. It helps students to be well-placed in a globalized, competitive environment. It also provides information on postgraduate education, professional life for students, academic work and network of academic studies.

Institute of Graduate Studies and Research comprises 60 masters, 15 doctoral and 2 professional doctoral programs including field of business administration, international relations, accounting-finance, economics, education, health, design, engineering and law. The Institute of Postgraduate Studies and Research creates a platform based on experiences shared by analytical discussions, interdisciplinary research and diverse fields, while bringing together postgraduate students.

Prof. Dr. Tahir ÇELİK

Director of the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research