About the Program

Engineering management is a specialized form of management concerned with the application of engineering principles to business practice. As a career, it brings together the technological problem-solving savvy of engineering and the organizational, administrative, and planning abilities of management in order to oversee complex enterprises from conception to completion. The Engineering Management Master’s Program reveals an important distinction from the M.BA. courses in that it aims to teach the skills of information acquisition without removing students’ existing technical knowledge and skills. Engineering management is the management of activities in which engineering and applied sciences are both put into practice. Engineering management is devoted to engineers who are in a position to make strategic and operational decisions about current and future technologies. It aims to increase productivity, quality and competition power on a global dimension, to protect the levels of technology and to create new working areas in industrial engineering and social sciences.

Education Opportunities

The Engineering Management Master’s Program aims to provide students with the knowledge they can apply in theory and practice throughout the engineering education they receive. It allows harmonizing production and management techniques with the projects given in the courses. In addition to this, academic research techniques are developed in terms of adding quality and quantity to their academic studies and these techniques are utilized in the projects and Thesis studies. In addition to giving students the opportunity to work theoretically in their theses, our program also allows students who want to move to the practical field to improve their practices in laboratories such as the Ergonomics Laboratory, Computer Integrated Manufacturing Laboratories and Simulation Laboratories. Students who receive education in this program contribute to the efficiency, optimization and quality functioning of production and service areas.

Career Areas

Today, there is a need for new types of professionals who will take the place of engineers and managers with not only an open view of the problems in the business, but also with a technical perspective and experience. The Engineering Management Master’s Program equips its graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to meet this requirement. The graduates will find an important place in the sector as individuals who work effectively in their fields, seek solutions to basic problems, produce alternative solutions; are prone to research and development, and give importance to quality and safety issues. It is also possible to find our graduates in the academic field with the education program implemented in order to create the infrastructure of future scholars and to gain the skills needed to adapt to the rapidly changing education. The program, which is prepared to grow the professionals required by the business, can help its graduates make a career in both engineering and management fields.


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