About the Program

The Education Management and Planning Program aims to educate distinguished leaders, who are equipped to cope with the rapidly changing and challenging conditions of today’s world, and are committed to the continuous improvement of education.
Also, the program aims to create and disseminate information on; advanced school development in education, creation of appropriate educational policies, and the development of effective executive leaders and teacher leaders focusing on social justice issues.
It is expected that the students, who are educated in the program, will play a role in the field regarding the development of educational institutions, contribute to the field in academic areas such as conducting new research, bringing new solutions to problems and developing projects.

Education Opportunities

The program, within the body of the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research, includes courses such as Educational Management Theories and Processes, Effective Leadership and Project Management. One of the main objectives of the program, covering scientific research methods, is to educate experts with the spirit of researcher producing solutions to the current problems in the education system by following contemporary management approaches and practices and being involved in the education system. This will help them start their careers one step ahead with the support of the qualified faculty members.

Career Areas

Graduates of the program will be awarded the title of “Doctor of Education Management and Planning” and they will be needed in almost every educational institution affiliated to the Ministry of National Education.


Institute of Graduate Studies and Research
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3-5 Years