About the Program

Computer science is a broad field encompassing diverse subject areas such as computer system, distributed computing, computer networks, communications and signal processing. Knowledge of mathematics and natural sciences is applied to the theory, design, and implementation of devices and systems for the benefit of society. Computer engineers are trained in various fields of computer science and engineering. They engage in the design and analysis of digital computers and networks, including software and hardware. Computer design includes covers computer architecture, computer graphics, design automation, system software, data structures and algorithms, distributed computing, and computer networks. Computer engineering courses include topics such as programming in advanced level languages such as C++ and Java; use of software packages for analysis and design; design of system software such as operating systems; design of hardware/software interfaces and embedded systems; and application of computers in solving engineering problems. Applicants of this program need a bachelor's degree in computer science, computer programming, electrical engineering or another science or engineering major with prerequisite computer science courses.

Education Opportunities

Master of Science in Computer Engineering program offers both thesis and non-thesis options. The thesis program consists of seven courses, seminar and thesis. Two of the seven courses are compulsory and the remaining five courses are graduate-level elective courses in various areas. The non-thesis program is designed for those who are not willing to do thesis work but would like to further their educational and professional goals. The non-thesis program consists of ten courses and a graduation project. Two of the ten courses are compulsory and the remaining eight courses are graduate-level elective courses. Computer Engineering Master’s Program offers courses on computer networks, artificial intelligence, signal processing, computer architecture, software engineering, programming languages, database and its applications, data mining and natural language processing. Additionally, students can get courses from other engineering fields. Our program is a member of Oracle Academy and Microsoft Imagine Academy.

Career Areas

Computer engineers are in demand across virtually every industry, including areas such as medical machines, communication equipment, and hardware manufacturing. These fields are emerging as part of the new global economy, and having the right skills to not only compete, but to engage is vital for professional engineers. This master's degree will help you advance in your career by equipping you with skills and exposure to applied research. Additionally, graduates can work as researchers in projects or can apply to Ph.D. programs to further their academic career.


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