About the Program

The Communication and Media Studies MA Program takes an interdisciplinary approach in its curriculum, placing emphasis on a range of different disciplines and research. Within this framework, the program draws from various fields of study such as sociology, cultural studies, and political science in order to enable students to conduct research in the fields of radio, television, cinema, the internet, advertising journalism, and other subjects related to mass communication. The aim of the program is to provide graduates with the necessary skills, knowledge, and competencies required in the field of communication. Students will graduate from the program with broad knowledge of the major approaches, methods, and techniques used in communication and media studies. The program aims to produce graduates who are actively engaged with developments in various areas of media and communication, who are ethically responsible, and who are equipped with analytical and critical thinking skills.

Education Opportunities

The program is designed to offer students courses that focus on the use and impact of the new media as well as a variety of elective courses including Political Communication, Popular Culture and Media, the Media Organizations Management, Institutional Communication, Comparative Communication Systems, Film Aesthetics, Science Fiction Film and Literature, Contemporary Television Studies, Media and Audience Research, and Media History which allow students to improve themselves according to their own fields of interest. The program allows students to choose between the thesis and the non-thesis options to complete their degree. Students who join the thesis program are required to take and successfully complete 7 courses and 1 seminar course and write a thesis with an assigned supervisor. Students who prefer the non-thesis program are required to successfully complete 10 courses and write a comprehensive graduation project.

Career Areas

Communication and Media Studies MA Program has been developed to help students who seek to become experts within this field, developing their knowledge of the contemporary communication phenomena and improving their analytical and interpretive skills. The program also aims to prepare students for further education at Ph.D. level.
Graduates of the Communication and Media Studies MA Program have the opportunity to make their careers in the following fields:
-Academics in public or private educational institutions;
-Consultants in the professional communication sector as editors, editor-in-chief, media planning specialists, correspondents/agent coordinators, senior media analysts, sales supervisors, advertising/commercial directors, advertising/commercial agents, budget analysts, representatives for field sales, or video editors.
-High ranking managers in public relations and advertising agencies.
-Managers in film and video production companies.


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Curriculum (Without Thesis)